Elle Arabia presents designer Ruben Galarreta’s “Gypsy Army Collection” where he takes you on a journey along the route from Spain to India with bold prints and embroideries from both worlds.

“The Ruben Galarreta autumn winter 2016-17 collection which was shown during Spain fashion week has amazed the audience with its unusual and unique flare.
Galarreta’s designs are the perfect artistic depiction of a cultural exchange between India and Spain with a vision of merging the luxury of the east and the west. They bear the name “Gypsy Army” which was thought of by the designer when he spent several seasons vibrant India.
The collection consists of varied designs ranging from long dresses, shorts, skirts in a different lengths and styles including broad and loose as well as narrow versions. There are also tapered trousers with narrow hems. The designs are characterized as comfortable, elegant and suitable for all. The collection included a mix of different type of fabrics which help add value to the garments for all units of the fashion group.
The designer chose a variety of attractive colors between dark and bright and excelled in the mix, it is noticeable that the color black is dominant in the designs and the collection, whether alone or with other colors.
This seasons collection is full of details that often carry you directly to the Indian skies, where we noted the control of embroidery and the large number of drawings and carvings, and a striking presence of the snake drawing in most designs.
This time Galareta has chosen and resorted to using a large-sized accessories, to give us a charming and very interesting women.
It is obvious that Galareta’s designs suit different tastes, you can also make some alterations and modifications to the fabric, so that the designs become more suitable for Arab women who would wish to buy the designs.”