Najwa Nimri X Ruben Galarreta
Najwa Nimri is a Spanish actress and singer-songwriter who has caught everyone’s attention by appearing as Zulema in the Spanish series Vis a Vis or as the inspector Sierra in La Casa de Papel.
But her career doesn’t start here, Najwa began as a singer in the chorus of the group Respect and the Clan Club. And it was at this time that she met Carlos Jean and the two of them created the group NajwaJean. With this group, she edited and composed several songs such as No Blood (1998), Selection (2002), Ten Years After (2007), and Till It Breaks (2008), in addition to the soundtracks of Asfalto, Guerreros and 20 centímetros.
Shortly after, in 2010, their first album in Spanish and as a solo artist was released, entitled El Último Primate (The Last Primate), which was produced by a famous ex-footballer, Alfonso Pérez, with the collaboration of Raúl Santos, a Spanish DJ.
Then, in 2012, she released a new solo album called Donde Rugen Los Volcanes, where she participated with Raul Santos again, and in which this singer takes the sounds to the electronic style.
Najwa studied acting, but she had only worked on a short-film with Santiago Segura. Although, her partner at that moment, Daniel Calparso, asked her to participate in his film, Salto Al Vacío. After that, she continued her career with Alejandro Amenábar.
Years later, in 2015, she made her television debut acting as Zulema in the Spanish series Vis a Vis, produced for Antena 3 in its first two seasons, and FOX Spain in its last two seasons.
And in 2019, she joins the successful series La Casa de Papel, in which she plays Inspector Sierra. A tough cookie-cutter inspector who fights against kidnappers and the illegality of the justice system. Besides, this 2020 she announces her participation in the spin-off of Vis a Vis: El Oasis.
Many times Najwa has worn our clothes for her tour or to appear in Vis a Vis: El Oasis. Some of the clothes she shows on her tour are our “Beige TrackPants” or our “Beige Long Hoodie”. And these are their ways of style it…