What is going to happen with the Madrid Gay Pride 2020?

We have received fresh news about a very hot theme for our collective. And we can confirm that the LGBTI State Pride Organising Committee has agreed to postpone the date of the Madrid Gay Pride festivities because of the coronavirus crisis.

This pride was to be supposed to be celebrated from July 1st to 5th in the country’s capital. But, due to the national crisis that Spain is suffering, the committee has decided to postpone it indefinitely. According to the official statement, the health and safety of the people is the priority. Therefore, due to the extraordinary circumstances that we are living, the Madrid Gay Pride 2020 that brings together a large crowd of people was postponed.

Furthermore, the committee itself has sent a message of solidarity with those affected, whether they are family, friends or acquaintances. In other words, everyone who has been affected by this virus. It has made particular emphasis on defending that it is in our hands to get out of this. With the full collaboration of citizens and with time, we will manage to get out.
Moreover, the committee has reminded us that the LGTBI collective has always been especially beaten and stigmatized. Although, we must all go forward together with great strength and social and personal responsibility to help stop this new health crisis.

In this sense, they have sent out a message of encouragement to all the people in the collective who are in a situation of special vulnerability due to the pandemic, such as the elderly, teenagers with LGBT-phobic families, sex workers, HIV-positive people, migrants in an irregular situation or the homeless, among others.

Besides, it announced that they confirm in the future the dates of when the Madrid Gay Pride 2020 will take place. And that other pride will be postponed too. Plus, they have remarked that the FELGTB 913 604 605 and the LGTB+ information service 915 230 070 are still open.