The year is 2018 and the world is becoming more and more accepting and gender barriers are getting more and more diminished as we speak. However, some places have been clearly very progressive and ahead of their times that they have specialized gay-friendly bars and homestays so as to be more inclusive and welcoming.



In this post of Ruben Galarreta, we will take a short glimpse at some of the most gay-friendly places from around the world. Let us begin with Europe. In addition to Europe’s big four which includes France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, there are other understated cities like Copenhagen in Denmark and Gran Canaria in Spain that seemed to have clicked with the queer folks.





Outside Europe, New Zealand has been touted as a queeradise becoming one of the first countries in the world to accept same-sex marriages and also has a Gay ski week which has become one of the most favorite spots for queer people during Winter pride. In the Americas, Canada is one of the most progressive and liberal countries to have queer-friendly laws and thus makes it a very LGBT friendly place. The biggest and probably the most iconic cities in the world that is queer friendly is none other than New York. The city is littered with landmarks from various iconic gay rights movements and is also a favorite spot for gay couples to get married.





Outside of the Americas and Europe, Thailand is one of the most gay-friendly countries from the mostly conservative Asia. Thailand has an array of queer-friendly pubs and discos and is world famous for their representation of queer people in their culture. So folks, what are you waiting for? Grab your partners and hop on to the next flight.