Summer is kicking in and temperatures are soaring like never before. Blame it on Global warming, the majority may say but I believe otherwise. Wait until I present my argument and you will seldom counterclaim. Here at Ruben Galarreta, May is the hottest month of the year literally and figuratively. The summer collection at Ruben Galarreta is unfairly sexy and have surely brought in the dog days of summer way too early. We also have some sultry Instabloggers who are ardent fans of our designs and can be spotted flaunting them on their Insta pages.


Christopher Wolfe

These fanboys have donned their favorite Ruben Galarreta styles and flaunted them by incorporating their unique individual style. A perpetual blogger favorite is the chest harness that has been unanimously sported by all the Ruben Galarreta hotbods. The chest harness is a rather provocative accessory which can be transcended from party appropriate to some serious fifty shades-esque bedtime accessory.



The fanboys of Ruben Galarreta have styled this piece with elan and kink to suit almost all occasions. A modest white shirt can be styled to look kitsch by a simple harness add-on. Sometimes, just baring it all will definitely make heads turn in summer! Other favorite pieces are the mesh crop tee, choker accessory, leg harness, rose bomber jacket…Wait! the list is endless actually. But can you blame them? Ruben Galarreta designs are not meant for the normcore.


Héctor de Pedro

It is for the head-turners who are the “fearless sassy fame monsters” looking to break all conventions. You cannot contain them nor outshine them, they are crazy and wild and look out for ideations that resonate with their persona. Ruben Galarreta is one such unconventional-It is bold, it is daring and it will surely make jaws drop. Therefore, it is no big surprise that the connection we have with our customers is a match truly made in heaven!