Tank tops with deep neck: Making a good impression while being comfortable at the gym is now possible thanks to our tank deep neck tank tops and the new super shorts

In these times of COVID and quarantine, sometimes going to the gym is the perfect safe-conduct to leave the home and enjoy moments of disconnection; however, this can´t prevent us from taking care of our image and health. To reach it, we bring you some Galarreta tank tops that will help you make the best impression.


First of all, we show you a very sexy white tank top with a unique cut that features an open rounded neckline and opened armholes. It´s a very cool and breathable garment thanks to its fabric made of cotton. In addition, the fact that the tank top is white makes it easily combinable when choosing matching shorts.

Another alternative is this gray tank top, which has an open rounded neckline perfect to show part of the chest and pectorals. This tank top is very soft and light, which gives great comfort and simplicity.

Finally, we show you this black tank top with a rounded, open, and white neckline just like the gray one. This tank top also has opened armholes and a cut that leaves no one indifferent.


Apart from the cotton tank tops, we also have three new tank tops, with rounded necklines and two of them with closed armholes that give them a more modern and functional touch. These clothes stand out for their easy breathability tanks to their fabric, which makes them perfect to endure exercise or the hottest days. Their colorful appearance will give your looks a unique and daring touch.


In addition, we also have three new fit-tees with a more classic cut, round neckline, and a slim fit that provides them comfort and freshness. They will give a colored touch to your outfits and you will be in the limelight of the gym. You can also combine them to get casual outfits for the day-to-day.


Finally, we show you our new black fit polo, which stands out for its breathability and comfortability. Those characteristics make it a good garment to wear to the gym while looking radiant and have the attention of all the gym.

These tank tops with a neckline have an easy combination, but the best possible is with the Black running fit shorts from Galarreta since they are very comfortable and perfect black shorts to go to the gym and show off an imposing look at the same time as sexy.

In case you were unlucky not having a gym near your house, you could follow Patry Jordan’s YouTube channel to get fit in your own home as Rubén does.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend.

Rubén Galarreta