fetish gay harness collection for men


We can’t doubt that the harness is a fashion accessory, and today I come to comment a little on its history and the best ways to combine it to add that hot touch you want in your outfits.

This accessory was born thanks to the leather movement and the gay culture with leather. It was in San Francisco at a time when the gay scene was moving clandestinely in small bars. So many men started to develop their fetishes in different ways, making leather a sexual symbol. They not only wore harnesses as a fetish element, of bondage and domination, but to enhance their masculinity by shaping their bodies, and ultimately feeling sexy.

It doesn’t matter how or why you want to wear it, but you will surely fall in love with Ruben Galarreta’s harnesses. Because you will be able to combine them in different ways.

Firstly, Total Black & White with our Shoulder-Chest Harness Black Edition (Add to Cart) and Leg Chain Harness Black Edition (Add to Cart). The upper part can be fitted with a white t-shirt to highlight the black chains and elastic. On the other hand, the lower part can be fitted with your favourite shorts or jeans to add an explosive touch. If you are daring, the option of using them alone and nothing else is a very good option.

Moreoveranother harness that you can’t miss is the Ruben Galarreta’s Chain harness (Chain Harness Black Edition and Golden Harness) that adding it to any of your favourite outfits will stop you from going unnoticed wherever you go.

As you can see, it has never been so easy to add a harness to any of your favourite outfits. The use of black and white in the elastics and chains make them very easy to combine. And most important of all, don’t be afraid to combine the chest and leg harnesses. You will surely love our combos.

So, in the end you have to feel safe and comfortable with what you wear. And what better than showing your true self with Ruben Galarreta’s harness collection, one of the hottest collections.

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