Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you back? The Ruben Galarreta team summed up the keys you need to know, like those gestures or eye glace that you have noticed are a sign of sexual tension or if it’s been only your imagination and its better to keep your dirty thoughts hidden.

Don’t miss a thing! Some of them sometimes can go unnoticed!

1 – He smiles constantly:

The smile is an obvious gesture that a man likes you. If as soon as he finds you, his mood suddenly changes for the better, go for it!

2 – He makes visual contact:

When we see something we like, including a person, pupils dilate. Try to look at his eyes when talking to him and check this.

If he is very shy, he may avoid visual contact with you, as a sign that, although he likes you, looking directly into your eyes imposes and makes him feel weak and tense.

3 – He stares at your lips:

Looking at your lips subtly is a determinant gesture that a man makes when he likes you. If he bites his lip in addition to this, you’ve got it done!

4 – He moves his hands constantly:

If you see him rubbing his hands, playing with them all the time, or playing with some of his clothes while you talk, he may reveal some sexual tension towards you.

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5 – He tries to make physical contact happen:

There are also men who seek certain complicity through touch with the person they like. So you can notice how he uses his hands: if he caresses your arm, he takes you by the hand, etc.

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6 – He gets close to you:

Men tend to shorten distances unconsciously, sitting next to you, dancing by your side, etc. You never had it easier!

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Now that you know how to detect sexual tension, all you have to do is trust yourself and go for him without thinking twice.

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