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Here part of the Interview:

JUICE magazine: To the untrained eye, the aesthetics of your garments seem like they’re heavily influenced by Indian cultural elements. Why are you so interested in Indian culture in particular?

– India is such a spiritual country, full of energy – it impresses and inspires me a lot on a daily basis. Anybody who comes and lives in India for a while can feel it. The choice of colours for my designs are influenced by the bright prints that you see all around you in India. Many of my accessories are inspired by the jewellery worn by Indian brides. However, the shape of the garments is completely Western to create something unique, exciting and new.

JUICE magazine: Your apparel is bright and bold, with lots of graphic prints. Who do you imagine to be wearing your creations? Do you have a particular target demographic?

-We decided to promote our brand showing people the maximalist side of our collection, the boldness of the prints. All our models wear complete printed outfits that give a very strong visual impact. We would love people to wear total looks but for daily life, even if you you pair a Ruben Galarreta print with a plain piece you will never fail to make a striking impression!

JUICE magazine: Who are some industry insiders that you look up to? Why?

-I admire are Alexander McQueen and Elsa Schiaparelli for being one step ahead for their time, innovative, ignoring the rules and full of crazy visual elements.

JUICE magazine: If you had to pick a public personality to endorse your garment, who do you think best fits the bill, and why?

-I would love to dress many celebrities, creating special customized pieces. If I only had to choose one I would go for Katy Perry , I love her capacity to reinvent herself everyday.

JUICE magazine: You’re pretty active on Instagram, with over a thousand posts to date! Has your social media presence gained you any loyal customers? Do you count any of such customers as your personal friends?

-Instagram is the perfect social media for any graphic or visual artist, followers can see the creative process from the basic idea till the final shooting and we love to involve people in the process. Many of our initial followers are personal friends and some become new friends as the network grows – stylists, vip and people who love art and fashion. We love to know what they think, what they like and respond to – it keeps us on our toes! We’re even launching an ‘instagram’ carry bag with our most used hashtags very soon. Follow us to know the details 🙂

JUICE magazine: You’re adamant about having only 99 pieces of each garment in stock from your collection. Why 99 to be exact?

-In my mind there are two ways to do fashion: you can produce clothes for people to wear or you can create art and offer them something unique. We are the second one, we are a brand with a concept of exclusivity. As our pieces are limited so it is almost impossible to find anyone next to you with the same look. When you choose Ruben Galarreta, you know you are a person with a strong personality, style who wants to shine and be different! Why 99? Because we produce 100 but we keep one for our archive.

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