Hi guys! Our new jewellery collection is available now online and in store, please delight yourselves with these wonderful pieces handmade in Spain. This line consists in eight necklaces, each one with a different word  that represents some words often seen as offensive but with these pieces,  you can take the power back with style and edge.

Don´t be afraid to embrace the message by wearing these necklaces. Channel your inner SLUT // PUTA or be the FAGGOT // MARICON you always wanted to be and steal the show everywhere you goMake a statement with the BDSM necklace or wear the iconic GALARRETA brand available in two versions, the edgy one and the other one with a retro feel or simply bless yourself with the Galarreta cross. All of them come in an elegant black box. Easily combinable with a lot of styles, always adding a different touch to your daily outfits or completing the perfect look for a fun night out.

For us it´s important to reach every age and all kinds of people so we have faith in the universality of this collection. Wouldn´t it be fun to see all your closest ones with one of these words on their necks? Don´t waste your time and get them as the perfect gift, fresh, stylish and with a message!

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