Ruben Galarreta & Slavko at Madrid world pride 2017

World Pride 2017, was held in Madrid and for the first time in a Spanish-speaking country. The capital started working on the preparations for the World Pride in June, being one of the most anticipated events of the year, where for several days you can enjoy different cultural and leisure events. In addition to this, there is the grand parade that was held on July 1, it is the central act of the World Pride, and it travels through one of the main arteries of Madrid from Atocha to Colón. Once again Eurovision is synonymous with success and the World Pride. The Eurovision stars that made their appearance during the World Pride week, performing at various stages, and especially at the Euro pride Gala (at Puerta de Alcalá, Saturday July 1), hosted by singers LeKlein (Spanish selection for Eurovision 2017) and Suzy (Portugal 2014), included: Ruth Lorenzo (Eurovision 2014) Barei (Eurovision 2016) Kate Ryan (Eurovision 2006) Slavko Kalezi? (Eurovision 2017) Let’s talk more about Slavko Kalezi?, he is a Montenegrin actor, singer and songwriter. His popularity skyrocketed after he represented Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song “Space”. Beginnings: Kalezi? studied at the Academy of Performing Arts at Cetinje, Montenegro later on becoming part of Ensemble of the Montenegrin National Theatre. He appeared on various stages and appeared in films. Being one of the headliners at the both World pride 2017 main stages, he performed on at Puerta del Sol and Puerta de Alcalá, wearing Ruben Galarreta for both performances.

Ruben himself being a big supporter of the event and the cause was present at the event and got the opportunity to dress Slavko in his creations. Talking about the looks Slavko wore the CHEST HARNESS underneath the MESH TUNIC with white jeans at Puerta de Alcalá. And at Puerta del Sol he wore the iconic legging harness with the detachable black Galarreta sweatshirt. He looked stunning and completely rocked both looks and obviously the stages with millions of people swaying to his tunes. .