An historical review of lace fashion for men and the new black lace collection designed by Rubén Galarreta.

Today, society has decided that there is exclusive clothing for female use. We can see it in garments such as crop tops, skirts, heels, or the use of lace… Limiting freedom of expression. Unfair? Of course. But this has not always been like this.

If we look back, historically, the use of lace, silks, heels, and makeup by men did not imply the adoption of a feminine trait, otherwise a way of expressing their social status (if not, let’s ask Louis XIV). In fact, all these garments were associated with masculinity and power. Definitely, since always, fashion reflects society.

Fashion in the 17th century

King Louis XIV

After this little history lesson, we present you the new collection “DARK ROSES” by Rubén Galarreta, with which you will break all these fashion stereotypes. This exclusive men’s lace collection combines two concepts that break with the established: tradition and innovation. It is an edition inspired by the fine traditional Andalusian lace with a modern casual touch. Thanks to the iconic touch of the Galarreta brand, this lace fashion becomes a unique collection with a wide variety of special garments such as sweatshirts, sports joggers, harnesses, and t-shirts.

Elegance and comfort are often incompatible aspects, but with this collection of lace for men, the norm is not fulfilled. We’ll show you that looking stylish and comfortable is possible. Dare and find out by yourself!

shoulder details of gay lace harness
jogger and tee lace total look
hot sexy shorts for men
black fetish harness for men
lace total look for men
sleeve lace t-shirt for men details

Apart from its undeniable elegance, within the world of fashion, it is a piece that stands out for its enormous versatility. From Rubén Galarreta, we offer you some tips to wear these garments, ways to combine and dress to get the best of them.

Of course, the best way to cause the greatest impact, leave open mouths wherever you go and look as sexy as possible is to wear your men’s lace garments without any combination with other garment/s … total transparency.

But if your thing is not to provoke too much and you prefer to cover yourself a little more, you can combine your lace garments in different ways. For example, if you want to wear a more serious and formal look (maybe for your ex’s funeral) you can combine the lace pieces with a black blazer.

You can also wear a basic white t-shirt under your lace pieces, like the bomber or sweatshirt, to be less cool.

Either way, remember that the most important thing is that you must feel comfortable with whatever you wear, regardless of what others think. Express yourself!

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend.


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