On June 19th 2020, your favorite Spanish menswear brand Ruben Galarreta opened its Flagship store in the center of Madrid. Our new store is located in Chueca, the capital’s gay neighborhood in Calle San Marcos 8, Madrid.

The store belongs to a historically protected building, perhaps the best for its architecture in the whole Chueca neighborhood. The store’s decoration is inspired by modern baroque gold chandeliers, antiques with angels, gold frames with led lights, and black ceilings in contrast with the black and white GALARRETA vinyl written on the walls, the most iconic impression of the house.

This is not the old concept of a simple shop, in Galarreta we want you to live an experience. HOUSE OF GALARRETA, a place where you can live and experience your best self, where fashion, design and fun go hand in hand. The main room is a living room, which has a marble table and velvet sofas. As we move forward we come across the counter, Ruben Galarreta’s bar. What better than a bar where you can buy your favorite products. Right in front of it is the rest area, with a bed, where you can rest, or have a good time 😉 with double bedside tables hanging on the wall.
The fitting room, or rather, the bathroom of HOUSE OF GALARRETA. It will remind you of an old club bathroom, but with something better, a naked man taking a shower. The best part: like in any club bathroom every customer can go and write a message on the wall … and why not … the contact number =)

You can find a wide selection of clothing and accessories available online and exclusive t-shirts and sleeveless shirts designed exclusively for the store. Ruben Galarreta’s new home is not just a store, it is an experience to live, let’s consider it a modern fashion attraction. Come and visit us, leave a message and live the experience of the most modern concept of fashion, feel at home, feel the HOUSE OF GALARRETA

C/ San Marcos 8, 28004  Madrid, Spain

M to S: 10 am  -9 pm (GMT+01:00)

Phone: + 34 914 47 46 06

Mobile: +34 669 39 52 31

E-mail: [email protected]