Why should only girls have all the fun? C’mon let’s give it to the ladies… With all the new wave of feminism going on, don’t you think we owe the boys too…a little something? This unisex choker from Ruben Galarreta is a godsend for dudes looking to add that little edge to your outfits. The eponymous tape and buckle detail combines o give a subtly edgy look. If you are a punk in the making, then this choker should definitely make its way into your starter pack! Pair it with shorts, distressed denim or even a blazer…to give that unexpected twist to your otherwise mundane outfits.

The classic 90’s choker has been given a new age street update by Galarreta and has been made with his signature elastic and gold ring. It can be easily worn by sliding it over your head and rocking it out.