Songs to feel proud of yourself recommended by Rubén Galarreta.

Beyond the genre of the songs we listen to in our day-to-day lives (pop, rock, indie, or Gregorian chants), music has the basic function of causing an experience in the listener, whether through feelings, emotions, circumstances, thoughts, or ideas.

Over time, some artists have dared to create anthems that have helped many lesbians, gays, transsexuals, and bisexuals, that is, the LGBT community, making them feel identified with their lyrics of tolerance and free love, helping them to accept themselves and feel part of a collective.

From Rubén Galarreta, we want to recommend you 10 great LGBT songs from now and then that must appear in your playlist. Songs to dance like there’s no tomorrow at a party, to sing full blast at the shower, to believe you are a diva cleaning your house… and, above all, to feel proud of yourself.

LGBT songs

1. Fangoria – A quién le importa (1986)

A song that each and every one of us knows from beginning to end. One of the essential Pride songs. Probably one of the greatest LGBT anthems in spanish. Yes, it is.

2. Madonna – Vogue (1990)

The song that meant a before and after in the LGBT collective, generating a revolution to express ourselves freely on the dance floor.

3. Christina Aguilera – Beautiful (2002)

A slower and more intense song, but full of feelings and self-love. Christina sends us a very important message: we are all beautiful, no matter what others say.

4. Beyoncé feat. Jay Z – Crazy In Love (2003)

The whole disco goes literally crazy when this song is playing. There is no other song like this to make you feel like the biggest diva in the universe.

5. Gloria Trevi – Todos Me Miran (2006)

If you want to feel like another RuPaul Drag Race queen, this is the song for you. Lyrics like: “Y me solté el cabello, me vestí de reina… Me puse tacones, me pinté y era bella” show the undeniable power of this song.

6. Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (2008)

One of the songs that boosted the artist’s career. Katy talks about kissing girls and liking it. Straight, but not too much.

7. Ke$ha – We R Who We R (2010)

A super catchy song with a clear, direct and glitter-filled message: we are who we are, and we don’t apologize for it.

8. Lady Gaga – Born This Way (2011)

With lyrics like “Don’t hide yourself in regret… Just love yourself and you’re set… I was born this way” Lady Gaga consolidated herself as an LGBT icon, always fighting for the LGBT rights, regardless of the consequences. An authentic LGBT songs creator.

9. Ariana Grande feat. Zedd – Break Free (2014)

The ponytail queen blessed us with this track full of empowerment and freedom. Admit it, you have also tried to hit the high notes… unsuccessfully.

10. Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down (2019)

A great song to shut up the haters and let us live freely. Put your CHEST HARNESS and LEGGING HARNESS on and be yourself. What others say cannot affect you, after all, shade never made anybody less gay.

We hope these LGBT songs will add a little sparkle to your playlist.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend.


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