LRuben Galarreta two new arrival black and white soldier tees are here to win over our hearts. A basic plain tee is the call of the season as it gives you simplicity with the just required amount of style. These tees are modern day essential clothing requirement that is suitable for college students to party animals, in short, can be worn at any place at any time.



The most important factor that has been kept in mind while designing the soldier tee was the comfortability and breathability that’s why these soldier tees are made up of 100% black and white cotton fabric with the addition of soft neoprene mesh on the shoulders to give it an additional style statement. It also comes with the xl size pad on the shoulder in both white and black which is made up of soft neoprene mesh. The detailing at the back is beautifully done by adding the white label at the back in black soldier tee, and with the black label in the front in white soldier tee, the presentation of these logo provides a touch of x-factor to the simple designing of the soldier tees.


These soldier tees are very comfortable and simple to wear and fit in for every occasion. You can rock the look with the pair of trousers and the legging harness. You can keep the look simple by just wearing it with blue denim. This is also a perfect solution for winters as it fits under your bomber jacket or blazer like your skin and gives you the perfect comfort.


If you want to carry them for the GYM as well then it is the best way to go for. So, grab them and make a style statement in the GYM and in local. It will give the perfect attention along with ogling all you want.