GAY SAUNAS MADRID: Do you want to know which are the most popular gay saunas in Madrid? Here you have a list with the top saunas in Madrid, in case you come and visit the city or you live here but want to relax after a day of hard work.

hot guys sauna madrid

– Sauna Paraíso: probably this one is the most popular gay sauna in Madrid.

On their website they define themselves as “the sauna for gay young people”, and that is actually true!. Good vibes, lots of steams, and different areas to have a bath, dark rooms and padded cubicles.

There is also a bar and a gym area, but we cannot assure that information is real, to be honest our reporters couldn’t go away from the pool and the dark rooms.

The entrance fee is 15/17 euros, but we highly recommend asking for information in advance. Without any doubt the Sauna Paraiso in Madrid is a must to rest after a long day of cite seeing around the city.

Address: Calle del Norte, 15, 28015 Madrid

– Sauna Octopus, one of the most popular  in the city, but this one is addressed to gay bears and a more mature public.

To be honest, we do not have too much experience in this kind of saunas, but we have real accounts, a friend of ours told us that once he was there and couldn’t believe how hot were all the men in that sauna, actually he did not know which one to choose. After this experience he cannot wait to come back again.

 Addrress; C. de Churruca, 10, 28004 Madrid

Gay bears together in Madrid

Sauna Príncipe: they defined themselves as the sauna for experienced gay men.

We couldn’t forget about the sauna for older publics. You can find it on the same website that the two previous ones:To be honest, we haven’t been there either, but we think that this one is for men from their 40’s onwards. But mind you, we know men in their twenties that could also fit within the category of “experienced men”.
If you are looking for a proper sugar daddy, that is your place honey. =)

Address: Travesía de las Beatas, 3, 28015 Madrid

gay together in a sauna

-Sauna Beach right next to the Gran Via of Madrid: the after-party gay sauna

Following with this ranking of saunas in Madrid, we could not avoid mentioning the Sauna Beach. This one could be considered half club half sauna, structured in different floors, where the good vibes and young atmosphere are spread.
In the Sauna Beach there’s a sand area and a pool where the water only reaches your knees.
Again, we support this report on real accounts. This time our friend Pablo told us that he had a very good time there, discovering all the different and interesting areas one can find in this place. Personally, and as mentioned before, we would describe this place as “sauna club”.

Address: Plaza de los Mostenses, 9, 28015 Madrid

– Sauna center: pools and much more

We couldn’t forget about the of the best and most popular Sauna in Madrid, the Sauna center. On its website it is described as a tourist resort with pools, Turkish baths, cinema area, bar and gym… in summary a must if you’re a visiting the city, the perfect option for a good day with friends, while you eat ice cream or whatever you fancy at that moment… hahahaha

Address:  Cuesta de Sto. Domingo, 1, 28013 Madrid

madrid gay sauna

Now, dear followers of the Brand, our team tried to personally confirm this information either by visiting all these places or by carrying out an extended research about the most popular gay saunas in Madrid. If we forgot any worth mentioning write us to [email protected] or DM us on Instagram or FaceBook.

Probably we left behind many and all very nice, we do not have time enough to visit all of them, we have a job and a family hahahaha.


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Address: Calle San Marcos 8, 28004 Madrid (CHUECA)


The Galarreta team of sauna experts

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