The latest range from Ruben Galarreta is a fashion connoisseur’s dream come true! Ruben Galarreta designs have always been groundbreaking, kitsch, risqué yet comfortable and the brand lives up to the fullest in its latest hit. The summer collection has of a denim illusion range that comprises of skirts, jackets, leggings etc. It is made of cutting edge fabric that gives the illusion of denim but actually is polyester. The fabric has been placement printed so as to give the illusion of buttons, zippers and stitch hem to look like an actual denim style.

Also there is an illusion of value added embroidery. The prints are so intricate and the attention to detail is noteworthy that it could pass of as embroidery in the first go. This innovative range comprises of typical denim silhouettes that are easy to wear such as miniskirts, jackets and leggings. Also since the fabric is polyester, it is more comfortable to wear than actual denim. The next range is a typical Ruben Galarreta athleisure range with mesh and tape details.

The range has a wide variety of bomber jackets, skirts, tees,dresses, joggers, leggings, etc. Every style in this range is highly versatile that can be styled in multiple ways. The silhouettes are very easy and relaxed and great for sporting a street style vibe. If you are a fashionista who always is on the lookout for kitsch and comfort, then Ruben Galarreta should be your go-to. The brand is a benchmark for risqué fashion that never shies away from creating a lasting impact.

Therefore, calling out to all the unconventionals who are out there to make their presence felt with a bang, Ruben Galarreta summer designs are waiting for you. Grab them and paint the town red!