Ruben Galarreta has dropped its first ever underwear line and its everything that you had in mind. It is comfortable, easy to wear and most of all sexy, true to the brand name. There is innovation combined with wearability that makes this range a stand out. The range has been designed keeping in mind the sensibilities to suit all customers-be it a simpleton nine to fiver or a boorish hunk looking to channel his inner Christian Grey.

The humbler version of boxers and briefs bear the eponymous label’s name on the waist band. The design is relatively simple, east to wear and fits snug. A more elaborate version bears a fancy harness clung from the waist. A suspendor tape bearing the Ruben Galarreta brand name is attached to the waistband for that extra zing. Suspender+Boxers is such a quirky take on the otherwise boring boxers. It adds just the right amount of mischief without screaming too kinky. And Ruben Galarreta’s underwear line has achieved this perfect balance by being sexy and not too provocative. This hero product from the line is not too edgy if you know what I mean. It is somewhere on the lines of Bruce Wayne meets Christian Grey. If you are just looking out to experiment a little from the inside without screaming too S&M, this style is your go-to. To go big or go home is the wearer’s choice completely. There is also a mesh variant of boxers for studs wishing to bare it all. The humble boxers have been given a sexy twist as they are completely sheer, yet being cautiously conspicuous. If you are seeking to hangout with nothing but your boxers for sartorial company on a dull Sunday while sipping mocha latte and bingeing on Netflix, then stock up on this range and…chill.