I’M HERE MAGAZINE: The most exotic urban fashion from Ruben Galarreta

Graphic design and fashion design have always been related and connected, and if you don’t think so, tell that to Rubén Galarreta.

He began his studies as a graphic designer, but finally decided to dedicate himself to fashion scene, thus he learnt and picked up the art for digital printing, which has mainly shaped his collections and has made him gain a certain fame to recruit an army of followers who share their designs on Social networks creating a new subculture that is becoming stronger by the day, but what is it that makes his designs so appealing?

His designs have already walked the runway of Samsung EGO in the very same #MBMFW. And of course with his army “The Gypsy Army “ as it’s called, the collection has debuted at the very well known Spanish fashion week.

Ode to urban clothes

Among his creations of premium sports wear, comfortable and urban clothing, in which you see sheer and colorful elements and representations of golden objects which are predominantly an Indian inspiration on both prints and accessories. Not forgetting that the clothes are also accessorized by wide elastic bands that bare the designers name.

One of his most successful garments have been their harnesses that bear his name, one of them being the “leggings harness”, a harness designed for your legs. They have gained some fame among fans and customers, who pair this harness with torn jean to create an overlapping effect making it a major trend that is catching on like fire.

His designs have already appeared more than once on television, and above all, he has been dressing dancers as well, an area in which the style of this designer fits perfectly.