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In accordance with the new European Privacy Regulation 2016/679 we would like to inform you that RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. is responsible of the personal data of its customers (provided through any media with the purpose of managing the purchases, the relationship or, where appropriate, the newsletters.


RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. can use the data of his clients because it has a legitimate interest in answering any kind of doubt, query and suggestion.


RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. will respect the confidentiality of its customers personal data, guaranteeing its rights. You have the right to ask for access to all the data that the brand has available to you and to rectify the data that is already available.

The brand will share the data of its clients with all those service providers (technological service providers, product delivery and return) that involve issues related to supporting the service provided by RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. and collaborators that are located both inside and outside the company. The EU.


RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. CIF/NIF: B26556761 Address: Calle de la Montera 34, 28013 Madrid, Spain, email address [email protected] is responsible for the treatment and protection of the data of its customers. Depending on what the brand requires, RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. will make use of identifying data (name, surname, contact information, language, etc.); online connection and browsing data and transactional information (orders, returns, etc.)

When the brand raises some of the fields as mandatory when filing any type of personal data, it will do so because it will be necessary to offer a better service to the client. In the event that the customer decides not to provide this information, the service that the brand offers to it may not be satisfactory.


  • Address requests through the communication channels that the brand makes available to the client. The brand has a legitimate interest in maintaining a professional contact with the client, which is why it is beneficial for the client to be able to attend to it in an appropriate manner and to satisfy their needs and queries.
  • Analytics of the quality of the services of the brand with the aim of improving the customer experience (analytical and statistical purposes). RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. also has a legitimate interest in analyzing customer satisfaction with the intention of improving his service and attending to the pertinent suggestions.

RUBEN GALARRETA S.L.U. will keep the customer’s data for as long as it is necessary to meet their requests. The data will be used in a timely manner to analyze the activity of the brand and the degree of satisfaction that the customer has with it. It should be added that the brand will use the client’s personal data during the period of time necessary to fulfill its objective. It will keep them strictly protected during the relevant period of time in case it is necessary to use them (responsibilities related to their use and in accordance with current regulations).


Read carefully the information that Ruben Galarreta offers regarding your use of your clients’ personal data, regardless of the medium used for said communication.

  • You have the right to rectify, access and delete all your personal data. You also have the right to have the brand not use your data.
  • The client permanently has all the information of the Privacy Policy of the company. You can consult it at any time in case it is necessary.
  • When we talk about the Privacy Policy, the company’s website, and the telephone and email that the client will have previously used to communicate with the brand will be included.
  • The client undertakes to notify any type of change regarding his / her personal data. Any inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous data is the responsibility of the client. The client can only request their own personal data, not from third parties.
  • The customer can ask the company to delete the data that are not necessary for the purpose of customer-brand communication. You can even lose the company that limits your data. However, it can cause temporary suspension of the treatment of your data or that the brand keeps them beyond the necessary time.
  • The client can oppose the processing of their data regarding the legitimate treatment that the brand makes of them.
  • The client is entitled to submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Ruben Galarreta can modify, at any time, the information of its Privacy Policy. It will notify you at the moment you do so. It is suggested that the Privacy Policy be reviewed occasionally.