Men’s fashion has changed in recent years to improve and increase the visibility that men can also wear whatever they want.

Throughout the history of fashion, a marked separation has been made between what clothes could be worn by women and what clothes could be worn by men, now men’s fashion has changed. 

Nowadays, it is still shocking to see a man dressed in clothes considered “feminine”. Judging what you should wear to be a “real man”. 

People who criticize guys who wear heels, crop tops, handbags, lace, makeup, pink dresses among many other judgments that we have to hear from around us, and that today from Ruben Galarreta we are going to refute.

We go back to the history of fashion, trying to bring you data to know more about these taboos.


The taste for color is not genetic but it´s cultural.

The differentiation between these two colors does not appear until after the First World War.

Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department magazine published that pink is a more decisive and strong color more suitable for boys, while blue is more delicate and refined, better for girls.

It wasn’t until 1940, after World War II, that they decided to change.

For unknown reasons, the clothing manufacturers decided that pink was for girls and blue was for boys.

In the ‘60s, the feminist attempt was established where mothers decided to dress their daughters the same as their sons for equality, this lasted until the ‘80s when the blue for boys and pink for girls was definitively implanted.

But this is just a taboo, now in men´s fashion we try to incorporate every color on their outfits.

pink men´s fashion


The crop-top was created by men for men, around 1970.

The perception of a man wearing a crop top is gay, effeminate but the best part is that the birth of this garment is attributed to one of the most masculine activities in the world: American soccer.

These guys used to rip their jerseys during games to show off their abs.

Suddenly in the ’80s, it became a trend to deliberately cut their jerseys to show off their bodies.

It was so difficult to reincorporate the crop top on men´s fashion, but we see more and more crop tops in catwalks and the street.


Makeup is becoming more and more normalized in men.

Thanks to social networks and influencers who have normalized and made it visible, such as Jeffree Star or James Charles.

But it is not the first time that men have used makeup, from 4,000 BC to the eighteenth century with the Victorian era, men have used makeup in different ways

In ancient Egypt they used makeup to create the cat-eye design, green eye shadow, kohl which is eyeliner or smudges on lips and cheeks with red ochre for color; the Romans applied red pigment on their cheeks, lightened their skin with powder. During different stages of history but always trying to conceal it instead of using it freely.

makeup men´s fashion


The skirts are now considered as feminine garments, but it has been a garment of both genders until well into the fifteenth century.

We know that in the time of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, both men and women used it as a comfortable and fresh garment. 

Already in ancient Egypt men used the “schenti” which was a piece that wrapped the hips and hung making folds.

In the Minoan culture, men wore skirts. That is, the skirt was normalized and does not make you less man but this changed in the Middle Ages where he began to emerge something similar to the pants that were more like tights to reach as we know it today.


Many designers for many years have been incorporating skirts in their men’s fashion shows.

Little by little, we are seeing how more and more guys are using this garment that we think is wonderful.

skirt boy


Heels symbolize sensuality and feminine eroticism, but that’s not where they originated.

Their origin was by necessity, the Hittites, a civilization dating back to the XII century BC, used them to have more stability and not to use their hands to ride a horse during the war.

Louis XIV of France is also important because of his high, he started to use heels.

Furthermore, he used red heels to signal his status.

He made heels a symbol of masculinity, power, and privilege.

men´s fashion heels

Nail art

Nail art is reaching the peak of popularity and has influenced contemporary fashion. It´s creating endless nails decorated in thousands of ways. Although does anyone know where nail art comes from?

Well, it appears with the Babylonians, where men painted their nails declaring their status. 

nails art


The first traces of handbags can be seen in ancient Egypt, in hieroglyphics male figures were seen with small bags tied to their waists, or in the case of hunters to carry their prey. 

Throughout history, the handbag evolved, but not as we know it today until the 18th century.

The bags began to be used as a survival tool, that is to say, out of necessity.

They needed to store seeds, rocks, prey, or utensils that they could not carry in their hands. 

Little by little, we can see how handbags are more common in men’s fashion outfits.

We just wanted to remind you to wear whatever you want.

Enjoy fashion and don’t let anyone else choose for you!


Thanks for reading us, and live happily.

Ruben Galarreta

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