We all want to have a nice look and mark a good package and a good butt. For many years, men’s underwear has followed the same pattern and there is little concern about being sexy, but the revolution is in Ruben Galarreta! Our new Inferno collection of briefs and jockstraps provides you with a perfect fit and comfort, enhancing all your attributes and making you feel comfortable and free. Underwear is no longer just basic clothing, it is one more accessory with which to show you as you are, without giving up comfort. Men’s underwear has evolved towards the search for quality, comfort, and daring, something that Ruben Galarreta has joined in the Inferno briefs and jockstraps collection. Treat your package like it deserves, giving it a red carpet treatment.

As we all know, our packages face tough conditions.  Heat, humidity, the stickiness can lead to several issues, such as the dreaded chafing.

To combat this the new Inferno underwear collection made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra combines comfort, quality, and functionality, demonstrating unprecedented levels of support for men. Thanks to the PUSH-UP technology, it enhances the bulk of the package and keeps the butt firm and well pronounced.

White briefs Ruben Galarreta
White briefs Ruben Galarreta
Inferno Black Jockstrap Ruben Galarreta
Inferno Black Jockstrap Ruben Galarreta

To enhance your package and butt, the advantages of using Inferno briefs and jockstraps are:

  1. Improves the size and profile of the pouch. Designed with a PUSH UP effect, it contours and shapes everything naturally, giving the feeling of “hanging” for better comfort.
  2. Provides lift and support. Keeps everything in place with support but without the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  3. Reduces friction. Not only does it give a natural lift, but thanks to the PUSH-UP effect, the pack is kept high away from the skin to avoid rubbing. This reduces heat, sweating, and friction.
  4. And last but not least, you can make the sexiest selfies and everyone will want to have your underwear 😉


So, in the end you have to feel safe and comfortable with what you wear. And what better than showing your true self with Ruben Galarreta’s INFERNO collection, one of the hottest collections.

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David García Toledo