Christmas is not so far – it’s time to pull your socks, quite literally, but only to buy a few more comforting pairs as gifts this Christmas.

Socks aren’t utterly another Christmas present left on a box of chocolates and ignored afterwards. It’s a constant remembrance of the Christmas season. And when you plan to gift a bizarre pair of socks, then it’s something to be cherished forever by people.

Every time your friend, colleague, boyfriend or girlfriend put on those socks you gifted them, they not just think of the comfort it offers in cold days but also the unique style statement it presents.

Some of the options to gift the awesome socks to someone who holds a special place in your heart is buying the new and cool pair of socks launched by Ruben Galarreta. They’ve brought up three different styles of socks with impactful slangs printed on them.

Toyboy socks – A black pair of socks collection for men with terms “toy” and “boy” written on the left and right sock respectively. It’ll really look chic when paired with sneakers.

I’m a slut – A black socks collection especially made for bold kind of women. The phrase “I’m a” written on the left and “slut” written on the right one makes it too hot to handle.

Fuck off socks – Another pair of black socks with the terms “fuck” and “off” written on the left and right sock respectively. It’s a unisex collection of socks, so, for both men and women — a perfect gift to those who are fierce enough to not give a damn on what others think or say about them. ZERO Fucks for Life.

All these are above ankle pair of winter socks, made up with high-quality stretchable cotton material and available in free sizes. They are absolutely a great Christmas gift.