These are our 6 tips to be the best TOP

This is a fun guide with the tips to be the best top (not intended to be a real gay guide)

We don’t know if it has any relation with climate change, but unfortunately finding a proper TOP is becoming incredibly harder. We know the struggle of being a bottom and not being able to find your best half. It happened the other day to one of my friends when he went to the sauna. There he found himself with the sole company of another bottom, they ended up commenting on Rupaul’s Drag Race last season…

So, if you reader are a top, you can consider yourself from an endangered specie. You don’t have many competitors, but that doesn’t mean you  shouldn’t offer your best version. Remember, it is always much pleasant to enjoy sex in company… otherwise it is called masturbation… we do not want more tops focused on their bulge. Honey, those buttocks were made for something. Jokes aside,  we know sexual preferences are very personal,  dare to explore. In the meantime we’d like to give some tips to become the perfect top:


The world does not spin around your dick

Egocentrism refers to someone’s inability to understand that another person’s view or opinion may be different than their own.


If you like heels, and he likes them too, let him step on you, who knows…you may love it. You can always compete in a heels race, that is not going to break your manliness.


Remember, if he caresses you, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden roles changed, don’t be a basic bitch, please!


There is nothing wrong in having a brewer’s drop, those things happen… BUT if it happened to you send us an email, that will save us a lot of time if we find you on Grindr.


Be careful with your underwear, I know some that always steal their fling’s underwear. If it happened to you, here you can check our hot underwear collection


But remember, the most important thing is to enjoy, protect yourself, and those around you.


Definition of a top:

A top is usually a man who engages in the penetrative role during sex; for gay men  this involves penetration. Top is also used meaning “to penetrate another”. Usually dominant identity in a  sexual relationship; however, this attitude is not a required element of being a top.

With regard to gay sexuality there is also the  a

-total top is one who exclusively penetrate during sex.

-power top is one defined for great skill or aggressiveness.

-service top is usually a man who tops under the direction of an eager bottom”.

versatile top is a gay man one who prefers to top bur who also bottoms occasionally.

Your favourite Galarreta Sexual Expert Team =)

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