Everything you need to know about the most popular gay tribes:

Whether you’re gay or not, I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous ‘tribes’ within this community. But perhaps this term is not the right one to define the different stereotypes of gays, of course each one is very different from the other. Today, there is still a colorful and crazy image of the concept of the gay man, which is far from reality we are involve, because of ignorance of the people so this article may help you to know more about the different groups of gays.

We know you’re looking forward to meeting them and increase your knowledge about these. Here’s a list you’ll love:


scruffy, generally young, furry, shorthanded and strong gay.


Darling child. This tribe is usually young, between 18 and 25 years old, angel face, thin, smooth and shaved


The hottie of the gym. The typical hottie who only eats chicken and rice, hot and athletic.


Older with experience, businessman and… very attractive


Mature men , furry, athletics and bearded

Bears Gays


Older gay above 40, large, facial/body hair and a cuddly body

Gamer gay tribe


Young and fun, fans of cartoons, comics, superheroes…

Leather tribe gay


Leather lovers, wear tight-fitting black leather clothing

Chub gay tribe


This tribe is characterized by overweight, young (below 40) and shaved guys

This is just a short list of differnent steortypes of gays. We hope with this article your knowledge about these groups have increased, but there are more groups within these as well that you might know about.

If you still don´t identify with any of them, don´t worry you´re not the only one, maybe you’re the new hot stereotype that everybody want to be in the future.

So now, tell us:

Do you know which one you belong to yet?