Ruben Galarreta masters the art of making people look different from the crowd, each and every design in his collection is so fresh and unique, people can’t stop gazing at you. Meanwhile, our Galarreta boys love to savor moments like these and make memories. They make sure to share every successful outfit on social media, so nobody misses out on what looks the best and what’s trending on the streets.





Lately, one of the most popular designs among Galarreta’s Instagram fandom has been the funky and bold legging harness. Made entirely of Ruben Galarreta’s signature stretchable elastic logo, this item will certainly be your trump card in the style game. The designer admits, that there are one too many ways to tastefully sport these harnesses and almost no chance of going wrong. Versatility being their prime feature makes them highly desirable to people who like to be quirky and experimental in their fashion. Legging harness can be worn by both men and women and best serves people who want their sexy toned muscles to stand out, but also want to funk it up instead of keeping it bare.





Taking it from the Instagram pages of Galarreta boys, one of the best ways to sport the legging harness is to pair it with a stitched button or a simple high slit track pant. You can opt for the Galarreta white mesh tank top or black mesh fit tee to give you a completely athletic look, this outfit is not only very comfortable but looks elegantly effortless and can be worn to almost every casual setting. However, if you if you want to dress up and look artistic, pairing the legging harness with distressed denim might just do the trick. Layering never goes out of fashion but can get too bulky to carry off well sometimes. The harness creates a perfect balance and makes you look majestically snug in your intriguing outfit. And it is needless to say, on days when you feel open to taking risks, the legging harness can be sported by itself, it will highlight and beautify your muscular legs and make you look amazing!





Be ready to embrace the attention these legging harnesses are about to win!