A music video is a good way to combine a song with imagery. It is a huge market for promotional purposes. Music videos nowadays are used as a marketing device to promote and sell music recordings, clothes, cosmetics, and a lot more. Same is with the latest video clip of La China- Lala Drona (Black Mamba Remix) in which La China and the backup singers are seen wearing Ruben Galarreta designer clothing. La China is a Spanish actress, a singer, and a dancer. She is a very well known for some of her excellent work in movies like Scorpion in Love (2013), Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006), and 20 Centimeters (2005).

The video begins with a statement on the screen saying “La Ladrona takes the Congress! And the president of the government resigns without apparent reason”. Maximum scenes in the video have been shot on the streets of Spain, depicting the street life of the urban girls. It features three ladies out of which, one is La China herself and her two friends. All of them, obsessed with the luxurious lifestyle and clothes. They are seen involved in a photo shoot in the intro part, boasting and showing off their exceptional designer clothing, style by Ruben Galarreta. The video is a mixture of glamour, sensuality, and protest. Ruben Galarreta clothing is a perfect balance of sporty wear, and couture and see-through fabrics. Clothing produced Ruben Galarreta are hand-decorated and sewed. The brand also offers clothes with vibrant prints and unique accessories.

The cast can be seen wearing three different designs of Ruben Galarreta designer clothing. However, the main focus remains on La China (main cast), wearing sharp, high contrast and sophisticated clothes.
The ending of the video involves three of the cast dancing together, weaving money, with an immense joy and proclamation of victory.