Our new products from the High Tech Collection are ideal for daily life. 

First, it was the Inferno preview and now it’s HIGH TECH. We know how much you love our collections and that’s why we’ve been working on new designs. Both in winter and summer, we want to be with you always. With the new addition of the total looks for men, you can enjoy doing any kind of sport or even use them to go out with friends. 

gay guy bending on knee wearing fashion clothes

Galarreta’s new products are the perfect combination of comfort and style, the predominant use of black makes it combinable with any garment. Likewise, the neon pink details of the Galarreta logo will give a fun and daring essence to all your looks. Made it with the highest-quality fabrics, it hugs your body and enhancing your figure. Thanks to the softness and lightness of the material, it will allow you not only to dazzle but also to feel comfortable while you do it. They will become essential and you will never want to take it off.

Inspired by simplicity and everyday life, with High Tech we want to reflect a man who stands out from the crowd in any situation. It seeks to reinvent the concept of sport in fashion, to show that a sporty look has more uses than just going to the gym, you can go comfortable but with style on any occasion. These are menswear designed for daily life that shows that you are a man who is fashionable and ready for anything. 

Black vest for man with pink logo details by Ruben Galarreta.
black shorts with leggings for men perfect for hot gym guys

And you might ask yourself, how can I combine this wonder? Well, it’s very simple, the best thing is to wear the total looks we have just released. They are suitable for any kind of sneakers, whether they are brightly colored or neutral. And if you complement it with a fanny pack, we are sure you will dazzle everyone. Although, let’s keep it between us, very soon we will release new accessories that will be ideal with these clothes. Stay tuned, because you will love it 😉