Fusa Nocta, who made her debut in the music industry with her audition for the third series of an eminent reality television show, X-Factor Spain is a zealous and propitious performer who had already made a lasting impact on the judges and the audiences during the very commencement of this transformative musical journey. Her unflinching persona and inclination towards voicing her opinions distinguishes her from her fellow contestants and aids her to outshine them. She recently opened up to fellow X Factor contestant Nando Escribano about being bullied in high school and how other classmates did not treat her well. But she asserts firmly that she is not a victim and the first step towards tackling harassment is to be vocal about it.



Her resoluteness is not only limited to the way she thinks, it is exhibited in her music choices also. Fusa released the first music video, named “No gyals”, on her YouTube channel on 19th of April, 2018 and was acclaimed for cogent lyrics and vivid outlook. About a month after her first release, she posted a new music video on 17th of May, under the name of “Khaleesi”. This video clip encapsulates her undaunted air even more efficiently. Her attire reflects sensuality and divination.

A person’s vesture is not merely about how they look to the world, their preferred manner of clothing is a reflection of their moods, thoughts, personality, and comprehension of their surroundings. Fusa Nocta makes a bold and beautiful statement through her apparel every day. In her latest release, she has opted for Ruben Galarreta’s designs. At the beginning of the video, she is seen wearing a black mesh see-through top accessorized by a golden harness, which is revealing and adds the element of appeal but at the same time does not lack artistry, it has been crafted intricately to leave people in awe. The black knee length boots and oversized fur hood look unique and intriguing impressive. She is also spotted in a white mesh chest harness paired with a legging harness,  which makes her look absolutely stunning.



Fusa Nocta is a budding artist who has a long way to go. The Ruben Galarreta team wishes her all the very best for the future!