Ruben Galarreta is till date a Disney fanatic, from his love for the little mermaid, Pocahontas, Belle and many other characters naturally inspires him in his work as well.

He envisions these characters in real life and how they would be dresses in his clothes, he see them as people he would love to style and dress and glamorize, this is precisely the gist of his thought process behind this post.

Having done a Disney girls version before this time around, he’s picked all the boys namely Hercules, Flynn Rider from Rapunzel, Aladdin, Kocoum and Captain John Smith from Pocahontas and lastly Eric from (well duh!) the little mermaid, as his muse because they personify what the, 21st century masculine heterosexual, man would be like and don’t they make a great fit as the high fashion, hot couture Galarreta boys!

Starting from the left these Disney hottie’s are sporting the Galarreta mesh crop top, the elastic chest harness, the mesh chest harness, the mesh detachable hoodie, holdall harness bag, legging harness, shoulder chest harness, strapped pants, the zip sweatshirt and golden harness.

Join the army, get your hot couture Ruben Galarreta fashion game on now!!