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Here part of the interview

Nord magazine: Being based in India do you feel that living there influences your collections?

Our creations are a sort of combination between what we see every day and our European roots. The collections are a mixture of the brightness of Indian colors and the baroque style. Everything balanced with clean western silhouettes.

Nord magazine: What does androgyny mean to you?

According to my view, which is also shared by the rest of the team, androgyny means that the borders between the male sphere and female one are not well defined; it’s the absence of sex, the absence of limits. In our collections, we don’t create pieces just for men or women: we have decided to design unisex lines, but this doesn’t mean that our garments are androgynous. Through our creations we want to express the essence of the individual that could be male or female. That is exactly the opposite of being androgyny.

Nord magazine: Almost all the pieces in your collection are photographed on both a male & female model. Why is it important to you to create a unisex or androgynous line of clothing?

As mentioned above, Ruben Galarreta is a unisex fashion brand. There’s nothing androgynous in it. We like to express the femininity or the masculinity of the individual. Our creations represent the excess through their vivid printed patterns, while androgynous for us is definitely the absence of the excess.

Nord magazine: You state on your website that you only create 99 exclusive and limited pieces per garment? Why did you choose to make this decision for your collection?

We want to create something for everybody, something wearable in several occasions, something which could be casual and smart, but unique at the same time, if you think about the design and the number of pieces. Right now we don’t want to be part of the mass produced fashion industry.

Nord magazine: Tell us about some of the unique techniques you incorporate into your designs.

The print is developed using a special technique called engineering print. It takes a lot of time and energy, but it gives the best result in terms of definition and brightness of the garment. Moreover, we decided to cut and stitch every single piece of our collection, one by one, in order to create a perfect match in the seams. N. When someone buys a piece of your collection, what do you want them to leave with feeling?

We hope that our customers understand to have become the owners of something unique. We want them to feel special with our creations.

Nord magazine: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Few weeks ago we held our mobile showroom in Paris at the MoMO Galerie. In this occasion, we found out a really meaningful message, which perfectly represents the idea beyond our creations. So I want to share once again these few words: I’M A DATA, BEFORE A WAS A MAN. Don’t forget to be yourself.

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