What would you do if you were an athletic, adventure loving girl renowned for her bold, daunting fashion sense, who woke up one day and wanted to look royal and embrace the feminine beauty inside of her, while still looking daring and striking? You probably took a right guess and figured Ruben Galarreta has something in store for a day just like this one.

Galarreta’s Triana collection is an assortment of some of his most creatively brilliant designs, and the black pearl and flower crop top and leggings might just be the most versatile and stunning designs in the collection. Although every design in the Triana collection is uniquely beautiful and drawing a comparison between them is inconceivable, what makes these two standout is the simplicity they carry on the surface. The black pearl and flower crop top and legging are made with a stretchable poly lycra material, which lets them fit perfectly and highlight the body shape to give you a sporty casual look. On top of the casual air, the silk and satin used in their making feel incredibly soft and rich against your skin, and the Japanese rose print along with elegant pearl design gives it a highly royal look. Both the legging and the crop top have been finished with intricate detailing with prominent precious stone prints which enhance their aristocratic vibe.

Black pearl and flower crop top and leggings are a steal and can be paired in various ways on different days when you want to pamper yourself and look royal, they can be worn together to make a marvelous monochrome outfit that will buy you a lot of attention. The crop top can be worn over a black track pant or skirt on a summer evening. And when you really want to look your best, wearing the black pearl and flower crop top with denim illusion mini skirt and white shoes would be the best way to play with lighter shades. The pearl and flower legging can be worn in a gym, or to a date with a black crop top, while a bandeau will let you wear it to a nightclub.