Ruben Galarreta has come up with a revolutionary combination that includes pairing their super provocative legging harness with stitch buttons track pants. This season the stitch button tear away style pants have been ruling the roost in the runways. Rather than baring it all , Ruben Galarreta has paired them with their sexy legging harness giving them an unexpected and fun twist. Many of our Ruben Galarreta fanboys have loved this revolutionary combination and have sported them in their Insta pages.

This combination of legging harness + stitch button track pants can be paired with a plain black tee. The legging harness is made of stretchable elastic inspired tape bearing the Ruben Galarreta signature. It has an elastic waistband and has the eponymous tape going all over the legs in criss-cross fashion till the ankles. The stitch button track pants have stitch buttons across the side hem which are functional and can be opened from knee down. The harness can be worn inside and the stitch buttons can be opened till the knee to show off the sexy twist. If you are a fashion risk taker (which obviously you are), you can sport them with our fan favorite Ruben Galarreta mesh crop tee. You can even decide to sport this innovative combination as a stand alone piece flaunting your chiseled abs.

For a little more zing, you can even try pairing the Ruben Galarreta choker for a minimalistic choker. You can even style it with a chest harness if you do not shy away from being over the top. These trackpants+harness combo can be worn with the season’s hottest chunky sneakers to be the king of street style fashion. The legging harness can also been worn with ripped denims for a little peek a boo effect. They can even be worn with denim cut off shorts and the season’s hottest Cuban shirt for a great summer vibes!