Every month here at Ruben Galarreta we pick the hottest of the hot Galarreta boys from our social media pages and feature them in an excuse to gawk at the sexiness! Galarreta boys as we all know are extremely body conscious and body confident and never the ones who can be inhibited. They are nubes when it comes to the fashion scene.


Bobby Nedyalkov

They are fully aware of the current and upcoming trends and are always on the lookout to onboard brands that suit their choices in their hip wardrobes. This month, our Galarreta boys have painted Instagram red with their bold and groundbreaking fashion appearances. A perennial blogger favorite is the allover harness mesh T-shirt. Besides this, there are the chest harnesses which are a custom-made “hubba hubba hottie” friendly style.


Sandro Esposito

Many of our favorite boys also seem to have worn the harness leggings and styled them so innovatively. The best part about featuring our loyalists from social media is to emphasize that it is not just about the clothes but also a certain kind of personality that is evoked by wearing our styles. The styling quotient and aesthetics combined with oodles of good looks have made this monthly feature an undeniably enticing one.



The confidence that oozes when our boys are sporting Ruben Galarreta styles is very palpable. It is also very infectious and aspirational in the sense that it motivates our clientele to own the styles and sport them with a lot of oomph and glamor. Our clientele includes a lot of Instagram models, fitness models and fashionistas who are always willing to take risks when it comes to their fashion. So what are you waiting for?