We are not afraid to show our bodies, in fact we are proud of them. These new pieces of clothing are perfect as the new stars of your future boldest outfits. Many times when we think about transparencies we have a preconceived idea of what they represent or how to wear them. Don’t panic because there´s more than one way to rock them.

The first one would be obvious, make the transparency piece the star and center of your look, choose your shoes, and everything else around the piece. This option leaves no room for imagination, our bodies are in full front. The second one would be a life-saver, welcome to the fabulous world of layering, this method is perfect for those moments when we don’t know how to wear certain clothes, in this way you can wear our ESSENTIALS GLASS OVERSIZE TEE with a blazer or wherever you come up with. These items are made of exquisite glass nylon, you can get also our ESSENTIALS GLASS JOGGER and SWEATSHIRT

If you wanna show off we have a complete transparent outfit for you but be careful this one is not for all audiences. What makes this items perfect is their roomy fit, that prevent us from being a mess. Rock these pieces and have fun!


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