Pause Magazine about Ruben Galarreta MFShow Men: Ruben Galarreta Collection, presented at V MFSHOW MEN, Madrid menswear’s catwalk, is a mixture of different cultures.

The Spanish designer based in New Delhi was selected amongst various emerging talents: his ‘The Bindi Show’ takes inspiration from the bridge he built between East and West.

Galarreta’s high-end streetwear designs feature fluid and contemporary silhouettes, while incapsulating the classic Indian luxury sportswear. The inspiring factor for this collection is the ‘bindi’, a traditional element of Indian culture that decorates the front with a mystic goal to provide energy, protection and wisdom, whilst balancing the mind.

For what concerns the prints and patterns, ‘The Bindi Show’ is very lively: the creative and colourful prints are inspired by a megalopolis like New Delhi, while the cuts and shapes are clean.

The collection is unisex, and features only 99 exclusive pieces overall.