The newest designs from Ruben Galarreta ain’t be more flattering. The futuristic design and technologic style make of this collection an innovative option for this season.

This is a collection designed to glorify male shape and to be worn by the boldest men that likes to be on top of everything.

In the following post we are about to take a look at one of the most hitting garments of the High Tech collection, The Strapped Pants.

The newest clothes designed are made out intentionally to guarantee a perfect shape, engineered with a Push-Up effect that fastens the butt and legs, and lengthens the figure thanks to the vertical effect achieved through the elastic cut outs.

These are not only daring but sexy, showing up your leg in an elegant but fashionable way, is to say the least, gratifying.

Nude legging for gay men by Ruben Galarreta

Thanks to the use of blending stretching materials in every design, these cloths are about to be the trendiest option for the following autumn season, and will be seen not only for the day-to-day but also for the forthcoming events about to arrive.

Halloween party, pre-Christmas nights, weekend go-outs and other celebrations are about to be the opportunity of showing up your body in the most favourable way.

Decadence Brandy Fit Croptop for Men

These pants are available for every preference; we can combine it in colour and length.

The Excess Black Strapped Pants are a flawless alternative to the standard jeans, gaining a sexy and alternative look.

And not only found in black but in nude colour, with the crop tops matching your outfit will be more than completed.

Black man legging strappedpants with cut outs.

Not just about colour, we also offer the chance on shorter length. Our Excess Short Strapped Pants are available in brandy, white, black and blue, matching its respective Crop Tops.

Feel free to create your own Galarreta look, we are sure you will look amazingly flattering in any of them.


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