The favorite Ruben Galarreta chest harness is here and we just can’t keep our cool! The chest harness has the brand logo running all over interspersed by gold accented metal O-rings near the collar and chest area. The chest harness is a very quirky accessory that can add spice to any basic outfit. If you are having a lazy day with most of your clothes in the laundry, then just pick a basic tee and add the harness for a quirky twist.


Borja Rueda for Ruben Galarreta wearing The Chest Harness.


Galarreta Boy wearing The Chest Harness in one of his Instagram pics.

You can even give the modest crisp white shirt an edgier makeover by sporting the chest harness. White line shirt with tuxedo pants and Ruben Galarreta’s chest harness would be a winning combo that is sure to make jaws drop on a wild clubbing night. You can add a pair of polished black brogues to complete the look and probably twist on the dance floor. One another way to wear the chest harness is to go completely bare. If you are a gym addict sweating out to get those rock hard abs and wouldn’t miss a single opportunity to show them off, then the Ruben Galarreta chest harness should be your go-to item in the closet.


Ed Huang looking amazing in a shooting for Ruben Galarreta.


@kirilove__ for Ruben Galarreta

Pair it with distressed denim or cutoffs and hot white sneakers for a surfer dude vibe. You can even pair it with Ruben Galarreta mesh crop tee for a more provocative look. You can sport the chest harness underneath and pair it with mesh joggers from Ruben Galarreta too! Waiting is a sin and that’s exactly why you should grab the chest harness before the style flies off the shelves. The chest harness is a very versatile and quirky accessory that will definitely make you paint the town red!