In this collection, Spanish designer Ruben Galarreta cordially invites you on a journey along the silk route. From Spain to India Galarreta’s women evolve from a flamenco dancer into a Bollywood star imbibing iconic elements from both cultures at every stage of their transformation.

From bullfighting designs to Indian bridal adornments Galarreta mixes Western and Eastern influences with style,  putting his unique stamp on to womenswear.

Bomber jacket bullfighter, Bra bullfighter and Leggings bullfighter

Red velvet sweatshirt and Black velvet “doti” pants

Black velvet embroidered dress

Spanish flower jacket and Black velvet short dress

Manila top, red velvet trousers

Manila bomber jacket, Pink flower bodysuit and Pink polkas skirt

Pink polka top and Pink polka skirt

Pink polka crop top and Manila skirt

Pink flower bomber jacket and Nude polka dress

Pink flower sweatshirt, Pink flower skirt and Pink flower tights

Nude polka top and Black silk draped trousers

Jewel sweatshirt and Black silk long skirt

Jewel bodysuit and Black silk draped skirt

Black velvet illusion dress

Jewel dress

Jewel bomber jacket, Jewel leggings and Black crepe draped top

Blue stone ruffles top, Golden draped skirt and Blue diamond tights

Blue diamond gypsy long dress

Blue diamond sweatshirt and Blue diamond trackpants

Bollywood sweatshirt, blue velvet and pink diamond skirt

Bollywood coat, bullfighter T-shirt black velvet  trackpants

Black velvet crop top, Bollywood leggings and Transparent polka tunic

Transparent polka oversize t-shirt and transparent polka ruffle skirt

Bullfighter coat, transparent polka Sleeveless tee and Blue velvet trackpants

Blue velvet polka sweatshirt and Black duchess ruffle skirt

Snake scarf, Black polka sweatshirt and Black polka trackpants

Snake sweatshirt and Snake trackpants

Snake bodysuit and Snake leggings

Snake bomber jacket, Transparent polka -tshirt and Black draped skirt

Snake embroidered dress

Black velvet sweatshirt and Snake skirt

Snake coat, crop top and Black pants

Peacock bomber jacket, embroidered  top and Purple draped skirt

Peacock sweatshirt and Peacock trackpants

Long  blue dress

Peacock cape, black sequins bra and Black sequins panties