The Bindi show is an exclusive collection, for the new generation of sporty warriors from gold masks to see through fabrics, this collection was inspired by ancient characters and powerful tribes with a blend of abstract prints and holographic pieces embellished with hand- embroidery.

Fenix tunic and shiny leggings

Transparent fenix sweatshirt and Fenix leggings

Transparent black tee and Fenix trackpants

Fenix bomber jacket, Chest harness and Black duchess trackpants

Faux fur bomber jacket, Chest harness and Legging harness

Holographic tee and shiny leggings

Holographic peacock, Sweatshirt flash and short leggings

Flash tunic and shiny leggings

Flash bomber jacket, Chest harness and Flash trackpants

Black velvet sweatshirt and Tokyo leggings

Holographic tunic and Flash leggings

Tokyo sweatshirt and Tokyo trackpants

Flash boxing cape and Black leggings

Flash sweatshirt and Stripes leggings

Stripes tunic and Short leg harness

Bomber jacket stripes, Chest harness and Stripes trackpants

Stripes sweatshirt and Black shiny leggings

Transparent tunic and Stripes short leggings

Black duchess bomber jacket , transparent trackpants and Golden chain harness

Golden bomber jacket, Chest harness and Golden trackpants

Black boxing cape, Long gold special harness, Golden chain leg harness and Black underwear