This collection was inspired by the mysterious dreams of the designer, where the garments were empty canvases to which the designer’s mind drew on them. These pieces of art are converted into sporty garments that are divided into five worlds from futuristic robots in Tokyo, to exotic birds in a tropical island, mermaids in the ocean, a rising phoenix in mars and tribal feathers from Ndebele.

Ruben Galarreta wants you to express yourself with these vibrant yet eye-catching pieces, bringing art to your day to day looks.

Fenix bodysuit , Fenix shorts and Fenix leggings

Fenix bomber jacket and Fenix skirt

Fenix raincoat and Fenix trackpants

Tokyo bomber jacket , Holographic tunic and Tokyo leggings

Black crop top, Black leggings and Tokyo raincoat

Tokyo tunic

Mermaid raincoat and Mermaid trackpants

Mermaid bodysuit and Mermaid leggings

Paradise top and Black leggings

Paradise raincoat, Paradise skirt and embroidered bra

Ndebele tunic

Ndebele bomber jacket , Black tunic and Ndebele leggings

Ndebele bodysuit, Ndebele raincoat and Legging-harness