The black diamonds collection offers a more intense and edgy style from the designer. It features neon and metallic prints and embroidered details on unique asymmetrical silhouettes.  The prints of this collection include a silver grey leopard print on sheer and metallic fabrics for a three dimensional realistic effect and a neon multicolor skull and flowers print with metal accessory details featured across the collection. Step into the new Galarreta black diamond world!

Skin color bow dress

Skin color bow top/ silver boxing shorts

Silver bow top / lace up black pants

Lace up black sweatshirt

Black Galarreta kaftan

Black asymmetrical layered dress

Black sequin sheer sweatshirt

Lace up black sweatshirt

Sheer grey leopard sweatshirt/ silver boxing shorts

Black Spanish ruffle top/ Harem pants

Black leather logo dress

Lace up black tunic / bow leggings

Silver leather leopard dress

Black diamonds crop top and bomber jacket/ black net skirt

Metallic flowers embroidered asymmetrical gown

Leopard embroidered bomber jacket/ neon tee

Lime sequin net sweatshirt

Abstract asymmetrical tee

Line sequin net sweatshirt/ skin color pencil skirt

Abstract asymmetrical embroidered sweatshirt and pants

Abstract asymmetrical tee/ long net tunic/ black silver studded boxing belt

Leopard embroidered gown

Blue ombre sequins dress, tights and bomber jacket

Leopard bandeau and leggings/ white glass embroidered tunic

Lace up leather leggings

Organza ruffle top

Lace up leather leggings